If you call your insurance your rates are likely to go up… and in most cases they won’t cover the costs to fix the roof unless a tree falls on it. Homeowners insurance will pay to repair damage that resulted from an action…such as a tree falling on your roof…but they won’t pay to replace the tree that caused the damage in the first place.

Most leaks on tile roofs are caused from lack of maintenance, poor build quality, or broken tiles etc. Homeowners insurance will not pay to make these repairs as they are not responsible for these things. Most policies state that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to perform regular maintenance and inspections on their property and these items fall under that category of things that should be noticed prior to becoming an issue.

Homeowners Insurance does in most cases cover the costs of damage to the interior minus a deductible though. If a roof leak is caught early and only a stain or bulging on the ceiling/walls or some wet carpet is noted, that is usually not enough damage to go beyond the cost of the average deductible. Check with a local drywall or carpet installer to get a cost estimate first to determine if running a claim on homeowners insurance is worth it.