Excellent service to fix leak in our roof! They did a full inspection and found some more issues but did not pressure me to get them done. Timely, clear and detailed communication helped keep the stress out. The work was done professionally and exactly as planned. Very impressed!

M S.

Yelp 2021

Powers Roof Service is awesome! I was re-roofing my two thousand sq. ft. concrete tile roof and the consultation they provided was invaluable. Their knowledge and expertise and attention to every detail is amazing. Galen was so friendly and helpful answering all of my questions, sharing his tricks of the trade and all the details of what he would do were this his own roof. He does not cut corners. Following his advice I expect my roof to be problem free for decades. I highly recommend Powers Roof Service!

Ken M.

Google 2020

Just had my roof inspected and a few tiles replaced by Justin of Powers Roof Service. They were incredible. Fast and efficient service. I would highly recommended them if you need your tile roof inspected and or repaired.

Don B.

Yelp 2021

I highly recommend Powers Roof Service. The communication and thoroughness is excellent. And they were very courteous and flexible to work with me as things changed when I was dealing with personal difficulties. Documentation is excellent with pictures of before, during and after work. All work was thoroughly explained and they took every opportunity to save you money when possible. They use top notch materials and repair techniques – relying on years of experience. I will definitely be going back to them should I need roof work done again in the future.

Robert K.

BBB 2021

Powers Roofing is by far the BEST Roofing Repair Company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Galen and his Team are the most professional, and I’ve used a few different Roofing Contractors over the last 25 years in this region. The guys were courteous, competent, and very professional. The work they performed included changing valleys, rot repair, damaged tile, roof vents and a number of other items that needed repairing on my 31 year old Tile Roof. Galen walked the roof with me after the completion of the job and pointed out what was done and in fact, called out other items that were stucco related that he felt needed to be repaired ASAP to maintain the integrity of the interior walls-he even suggested a Stucco Guy for the work. Powers Roofing will get all my business from this point forward and I recommend them highly.

Allen Z.

Google 2021

It’s rare to see some one stand by their work and make a personal commitment to your need as Galen does.  I love receiving and supporting exceptionally good business that provides elite levels of customer service (I’m in sales so I know what its like), and when I come across a rare breed like Galen I’m definitely amazed and reminded that there are good people who do good work still out there.

Brandon B.

Yelp 2013

Recently, as I was getting ready to install Solar panels, I called on Power Roof Service again to inspect the rest of the house roof. They come over, inspected the roof, and found a lot of needed repairs like dry-rots, replacing old valleys, broken tiles, …. etc. Because the rainy season was upon us, they were pretty much booked up all the way through New Year’s; however, Galen the owner said he would fit me in, as they possible could; amazingly, they did fit me in and did repair everything before year’s end. They showed me photos before and after, which really helped me understand what a batten or a roof valley was!
In my opinion, among the best qualities of Power Roof are their excellent knowledge in tile roof repairs and their attention to detail. I tell you, It is hard these days to find honest contractors that do an A++ job.

Carlo C.

Google 2021

Powers Roofing did a fantastic job on my recently purchased home. They conducted a full inspection prior to my purchase and provided pictures and a full description of all the problem areas. They sorted it into high priority and potential issue items, which greatly helped in working with the Seller.

Toby M.

Yelp 2020

EXCEPTIONAL! These guys are the best in our area for tile roof repair and renovation. Very courteous and pleasant to have on the property.
I was thrilled to have all the roof repairs itemized with associated costs. We did find a couple more areas of dry rot so the price did increase a bit but that was understandable. I have many years as a lead renovation draftsman for engineering projects in Wash DC, so I have high standards. I have worked with world class craftsmen and technicians and I was very satisfied with how our roof repairs were completed.

Rochelle W.

Google 2021