Galen is honest and a straight shooter, who looks out for your best interest, NOT his pocketbook. My wife and I really appreciate that… We HIGHLY recommend his company to work on your roof. They just completed repairs on our next door neighbors house. As far as I know, they were pleased with their work too!!!

Pete V.

Yelp 2020

It’s rare to see some one stand by their work and make a personal commitment to your need as Galen does.  I love receiving and supporting exceptionally good business that provides elite levels of customer service (I’m in sales so I know what its like), and when I come across a rare breed like Galen I’m definitely amazed and reminded that there are good people who do good work still out there.

Brandon B.

Yelp 2013

Powers roofing company goes beyond expectations in their communication and commitment to customers.  Galen has gone out of his way to help me in others roofing matters unrelated to what I had originally hired him for.

Yong H.

Yelp 2022

In a world of rip-off-artists, it’s refreshing to find such a genuine person/company that I can rely on when it comes to home specialization.  I have his card tucked safely in my “home fixtures” stash for any future roof-related problems.

Regina N.

Yelp 2015

Powers Roofing is by far the BEST Roofing Repair Company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Galen and his Team are the most professional, and I’ve used a few different Roofing Contractors over the last 25 years in this region. The guys were courteous, competent, and very professional. The work they performed included changing valleys, rot repair, damaged tile, roof vents and a number of other items that needed repairing on my 31 year old Tile Roof. Galen walked the roof with me after the completion of the job and pointed out what was done and in fact, called out other items that were stucco related that he felt needed to be repaired ASAP to maintain the integrity of the interior walls-he even suggested a Stucco Guy for the work. Powers Roofing will get all my business from this point forward and I recommend them highly.

Allen Z.

Google 2021

Very professional roofing company!!! On time appointment and provided roof inspection with pictures of roof area. After completion of work, they provided pictures for your verification. I would highly recommend this company for your roofing needs.

Clarence W.

BBB 2021

We used Powers Roof Service to get some work done on a very new tile roof.  There were a couple of items that the original roofer left not quite complete.  They did a great inspection of the roof and have completed the repairs.  I have called a number of companies for this job.  One of those companies gave a bid 3x as much as Powers did!  If you want caring service and a job well done I suggest Powers Roof Service.

Pat C.

Yelp 2021

Powers Roof Service is awesome! I was re-roofing my two thousand sq. ft. concrete tile roof and the consultation they provided was invaluable. Their knowledge and expertise and attention to every detail is amazing. Galen was so friendly and helpful answering all of my questions, sharing his tricks of the trade and all the details of what he would do were this his own roof. He does not cut corners. Following his advice I expect my roof to be problem free for decades. I highly recommend Powers Roof Service!

Ken M.

Google 2020

We had some  temporary preventative roof work completed before the rains hit. I had absolutely no problems with leaks of any kind. And then this week we had the actual work completed.  All though this process Powers Roof Service was excellent.  Showed up when promised and work completed in a timely fashion.  The owner kept us informed throughout the process.  I would highly recommend Powers Roof Service to my family and friends.

Susan P.

Yelp 2021