We offer roof inspections for both sellers and buyers!

Sellers – it is likely a buyer will have a roof inspection done during the inspection period. If there is one thing that scares buyers away it is issues with a roof. These can cause delays, re-negotiations and or even cause a deal to fall through. To ensure a smooth transaction and avoid problems we recommend having us check your roof well ahead of time to provide you with ample time to choose and make necessary repairs.

*** Disclaimer – we have high standards, the recommendations we make will likely be more detailed than a regular home inspector or even another roofer. If you want to sell with doing less, we may not be your best choice. We are of course happy to help, we just like to be transparent ***

Buyers – you want to know exactly what you are getting. Home Inspectors are not roof experts; they will just scratch the surface of the roof that you are looking to buy. Most roofers are not experts with Tile roofs, so our recommendations are likely to differ from other roofers’.